Company Introduction :                                                 


 A. Profile


      1.  Found in 2004

      2.  Total factory's area is 8,000 square meter

      2.  Started to operate in 2005

      3.  There are 7 sets of furnace in operation including 5 sets of case harden furnace and 2 sets

            of through harden furnace

      4.  ISO 9001:2008 certificated

      5.  ISO 9001:2015 certificated   


  B. Process and Quality Control


      1.  Adapting computer and PLC as a process automatic control system  

      2.  All operating parameters are organized as a recipe (module) that make quality consistency

      3.  Each temperature of furnace is adjusted automatically preventing human error occurance

      4.  All operating parameters are stored in computer that is unable to be changed, deleted, and


      5.  Management shall check all operating record to fully understand operating condition every

           time, which will prevent quality deviation.

      6. The ability to meet CQI-9 assessment and issue documentation of PPAP including

          control plan, FMEA, process flow chart and SPC information.



 C. Human Resource Management


     1.   All staffs and operators are graduated from junior college

     2.   Employee's operating training shall be implemented every week

     3.   Supervisor and Plant manager have high skill and rich experience in

           heat treatment process

     4.  General manager has much experience in  working heat treatment process and  he also

          obtained the master degree of human resource management, PHD candidate of 

          environmental engineering


 D. Safety, Health and Environmental Management


     1.  Meet government safety and Health Law

     2.  Implement daily and monthly inspection for all equipment condition

     3.  The certificate of air emission and water effluent permit have been obtained per EPA request

     4.  Maintain good housekeeping

     5.  Lean production


E.  Milestone


     1. Plan to obtain the certificates of  IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 18000

     2. To have business of auto parts and high grade fasteners if marketing demand



             Tel: 886-7-6229969

           FAX: 886-7-6229968

Contactor : General Manager

                    Spencer Lee

     E mail :

 Address : N0. 25 Beng Gong West 2nd Road

                   Gong Shang District,

                    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan